Full Setups

If you don't want the hassle, or you don't have the time or the skills required to use either our e-commerce website system or our basic website system, we can setup a fully functioning website for you on your behalf.   We use our ecommerce website system as a starting point, and build your website, using this system.    Unfortunately, we do not offer fully bespoke website setups at the moment, all the full ecommerce websites we setup are done so with the use of the ecommerce website system.

Basic websites, with just text and image information pages, are relatively simple to setup, and we can do this for you quickly and cost effectively.  Our prices start from just £199.

Full e-Commerce website setups on the other hand, can be quite expensive, as they require many hours to setup, even using an e-commerce website system, like ours.      We can save you time, because we know exactly what we are doing, but even still it takes many hours to setup a fully functioning e-commerce website.     The number of products you intend to sell, makes a big difference to the final price.     However, we can setup your website so that we do all the harder work, and then leave it to you, to just add your products, this will save you some serious cash, and is worthwhile considering, if you could manage this part yourself.      

We could take between 2 weeks and 6 months to complete your website, again depending heavily on the number of products you require.     For straightforward setups with less than 100 products, it could take about 4 weeks.     Our prices for full e-commerce website setups start at £4000.   We realise this sounds quite expensive, but there is really quite a lot of work to do.

What we do for our money

If you go for one of our full ecommerce website setups, we'll start by contacting you by e-mail to arrange a suitable time to call you for a preliminary chat, we will discuss your core requirements, and get some key data from you.   Based on the options you have selected for your system, we can even come down and discuss your requirements face to face.   We setup your e-commerce front end website and back end admin system, and then get to work on your actual website.   We create all of your information pages, tweak your design style, setup your delivery options and setup your payment options.  We can even arrange a SagePay account setup if you want to accept credit and debit cards online, and can also setup a PayPal account for you if you need us.   We setup your affiliate program, if you want one setting up and we also do all your on-site SEO.   We add all your products, upload all your images (tweaking them if necessary), set all your prices, product options, quantity discounts, special offers and discount coupon codes.   We setup all of your e-mail systems and setup e-mail redirects if you need them.    We will register accounts for you with Google and Bing, and submit your website and sitemap XML file to them both.    We can also setup Google and Bing Sponsored advertising accounts for you, so that you can take advantage of paid sponsored link advertising, which can be very cost effective and is definitely worthwhile considering.   You will get to monitor our progress along the way and give your input along the way.  We will keep in touch on a regular basis while setting up your website to ensure that you are happy with our progress.  If you think of something you want to add, we will try our best to achieve it for you.   Once completed, depending on your options, we can even provide face-to-face training for you on your new website systems, so you can efficiently process your orders and make small changes like price updates, stock updates, and removing and adding a product from your website.

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