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We offer CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising services, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising or sponsored link advertising.   We have over 10 years experience with Google and Bing sponsored advertising and we can setup accounts for you to drive paid traffic to your website.  We use specific keywords that relate exactly to your website theme / products, this way the conversion rate to advertising spend should be justifiable that will lead to sales and ultimately profit.     You can set a smaller monthly advertising budget to begin with to test the waters and see if this advertising outlay converts into sales for your website.  Once you can see the sales being driven, you can make a decision as to whether to increase, reduce, maintain or cancel your CPC advertising services.  

We recommend that your website is absolutely completed before driving paid traffic from search engines.  Your site must be working perfectly and have all your products listed, to maximise the sales conversion rate on your website.  

If you setup your website correctly with a good website design which is functional, and you have a good selection of reasonably priced, desirable products, sponsored traffic should convert well for you.     However, if you find you are only making a small number of sales from your advertising spend, you should re-evaluate your website design, functionality and product offering.    A badly setup site with just a few products and poor text and information, that looks unprofessional, will not convert sales from CPC traffic even if you spend a fortune.  

We offer simple setup solutions and managed solutions for our customers.  For novice users with limited time, we would strongly recommend our managed solution.  If the advertising is not monitored carefully, or your ads are tweaked incorrectly, you could end up spending a lot of extra money on clicks that don’t convert into sales.

Google & Bing CPC Setup Service (Non Managed)

Google & Bing CPC Setup Service (Non Managed)

We setup accounts for you with Google and Bing, do keyword research for your website, setup your spo..


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