Account Suspensions

Your account may be suspended if your monthly hosting fees are not received on time.   If you run behind with your scheduled monthly hosting fee payments, we will contact you to make payment.   If you do not settle your overdue hosting fees within a reasonable time frame (usually 60 days) or multiple requests for payment have gone unanswered, then we may temporarily suspend your account.    Please do not worry, no website data will be lost during this suspension, although your website will not be accessible to anyone so you may lose out on sales.  Furthermore, you will not be able to login to your website admin system, e-mails, or e-mail control panel.  

If this has happened to your website, please contact us at  Once your account has been brought up to date, the suspension will be immediately lifted and your website and associated systems will be working as they should.     Under circumstances of non-payment we will always give you 7 days forewarning before your account is suspended, and we will contact you again when your account has gone into suspension.   If your account has been in suspension for over a year, without you making any contact, we may terminate your website system permanently and your system data will be lost forever.    Other reasons for account suspensions may include but are not limited to, selling of illegal products, other illegal activities, suspected fraudulent activity and suspected money laundering activities.  in any of these cases, you may be given no forewarning that your account will be suspended, as such cases require more immediate action to be taken by us.  In these circumstances we reserve the right to terminate your account, and no refunds will be given.